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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  May 30, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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beared quite a lot. in fact, some would say, way too much. that's all for now. see you back here on monday at 4:00 p.m. eastern. "the ed show" is up next. good evening, americans and welcome to "the ed show", live from detroit lakes, minnesota. i'm ready to go. let's get to work! joe the middle class is back yauf shore and we have to prevent that from happening. >> where are the jobs? >> we're putting folks back to work rebuilding america. >> where are the jobs? >> millions of jobs have been lost. have been sent offshore. jobs -- >> the resolution of that agreement will mean real job growth. >> i think the american people would say, absolutely not! >> the american people, creating jobs, not destroying jobs.
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you want to do something about this economy growing? then you have to stop sending our jobs overseas. >> republicans who want this congress to seem to have a different priority. >> it's there that it means more opportunity for americanss. >> we're convinced to prosperity trickles down from the very top. >> good to have you with us tonight, folks, thanks for watching, you know, this is really a great summer upon us right now. because there are so many questions that are unanswered when it comes to who's working for you in washington. everybody is mad at washington. washington is not doing anything, so doesn't that open the door for questions when these elected officials go home and say -- hey, food for me! come on. i'm the guy, right? i'm your representative! ask them, what they done for jobs and what are they about to do about jobs? without blaming the other side, where do they stand? and there's no way around it. they have to talk about what
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we're doing with other countries. republican leaders have made it clear that they support fast track. and they want the tpp, the transpacific partnership. and if this trade graemtd were to go through, there's no doubt that american jobs would be gone. we would see massive job losses. it would be more jobs overseas. you can't deny that. it's happened in the past. dang wroerous working condition will arise and it has democrats and congress talking about it. a couple nights ago i said nobody in washington is really paying attention. democrats are. is that a partisan statement? no, it's a fact. 153 house democrats including congressman george miller and pee peter defazzio. house members have expressed serious concerns about abuses of workers overseas in countries like vietnam. if you're not going to pay them
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how are you going to treat them? they quote -- it is critically important that the tpp provide for an enhanced framework for protecting workers' rights. is that it that hard? most of these house members already oppose the tpp altogether anld recently spoke to house democrats about the dangers of the trade agreement. they told me labor standards and job losses are serious concerns. >> we're also going to be competing with a country like vietnam where the minimum wage, 28 cents an hour. and know what happens then. >> i was going to say on the labor standards that's are abysmal. they have forced child labor. you want an american worker to compete against somebody that's literally enslaved? the thing about the trade agreements we're in a national dialogue about inquality. we've been talking about i had and it's on the front page. people are talking about it. you can't talk about doing something on income and equality and come and promote this
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transpacific partnership deal. these two things are completely opposite. and one negates the other. >> and, of course, we know that income and equality is like climate change. there's a bunch of deniers out there. democrats know that the tpp is a highway to send american jobs overseas. no trade agreement has ever created american jobs. not one. now, we spoke about the most recent example earlier this week, the korean free trade agreement. the numbers are clear. in 2011, the government promised that this deal would support 70,000 u.s. jobs. we ended up losing 40,000 manufacturing jobs. 4,000 of those jobs were in the steel industry. and if the tpp passes, the job losses would be even worse than what they have been. instead of one country like south korea, this trade agreement could end up including as many as 13 countries. i know the republicans want to talk about benghazi but this is
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big stuff. an estimated 132,000 jobs could be lost to japan and vietnam alone. many sectors of the united states economy could be at risk. this includes auto manufacturing jobs. call center jobs. computer programmers. engineers. accountants and even memorial diagnostic jobs. it's not good. what is it going to take to wake up the country to realize that this is the steak and potato of the economy? and we have to address it? it's not just manufacturing jobs that are at risk which i talk about quite often. every american should think about the impact this deal could have on their lives. the first step in creating american jobs is rejecting this trade agreement. meanwhile, it seems like republicans are working pretty hard to stop job creation all across the board. they support the free trade deals like the tpp and they blog job bills right here at home so that's a good question for you folks out there in america saying, what have you done for
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jobs? republicans have bought numerous job bills since 2009. it's a pattern. they include bills for teachers, small businesses, infrastructure, and even veterans. republicans simply block everything president obama wants to do every step of the way. republicans now have another chance to put america back to work by rebuilding roads and bridges. how about with american steel? president obama introduced a new infrastructure bill and he's urging congress to act. here it is. >> one study recently found that over time, we've fall into 19th place when it comes to the quality of our infrastructure. 19th place. i don't know about you but, i don't like america being 19th. i don't like america being second. i want us to be first. when it comes to infrastructure around the world. because businesses are going to come where tlaes good infrastructure to move businesses move people, move services. >> maybe a question for the lawmakers when they go home this summer would be -- how do you
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like america being number 19 when it comes to infrastructure. it just kind of turned out to happen on your watch. if congress fails to act, if they fail to act, current transportation funding is going to run out later this year. now they're trying to rob the fund from the postal workers. now, the president's bill provides $302 billion in funding over the next four years. if this bill is not approved, here we go again. 700,000 jobs could be in jeopardy. republicans need to stop obstructing and build some bridges and roads and the president has to put americans back to work. it takes the public and private sector to make this thing go and they need to reject the tpp and start approving these common sense bills to create jobs. what would be the question you would ask? yourself reppive as they go home this summer? how about number one, where do you stand on the free trade agreement that will send jobs overseas? how do you feel about being 19th in the world when it comes to
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infrastructure? why aren't we number one? we have the money for iraq and afghanistan. why don't we have the money for our community? and the other thing, the democrats need to keep putting the pressure on president obama. i think this president has done a lot of great things in the midst of all this obstruction. the president of the united states is wrong big-time on the transpacific partnership. this shouldn't be pushed the way it is. it should not go through and the president is on the wrong side of the issue. i want to know what you think. tonight's question -- should president obama reverse his position on tpp? text a for yes and b for no. go to our blog at let me bring in larry cohen. and peter defazzio of oregon. congressman, you first. how can anyone argue that the
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tpp will create jobs when there's a consistent pattern when it comes to trade agreements that none of them have? >> well, it will create jobs. just not in america, ed. that's the bottom line. we're going the ask american workers as you heard earlier, 28 cent an hour labor in vietnam with forced child labor and forced political labor in vietnam to compete with workers in is thisiary and people from countries where they're killed if they try to organize labor movements. we had nafta. it had no labor protections in it and they said don't worry. it will come later. later never came. we did colombia. i voted for it. they said we'll build it in but we gave them the deal and then they didn't do the labor protections. in this case, what we say in that letter is, we want to see them produce labor protections. put it in law. and enforce it before we give them any more access to u.s. markets. plain and simple, it's like back
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to reagan. trust but verify. let's have a fie first and no more of these job-losing overseas trade agreements? >> where has froeman gone wrong? what response do you expect back from the chief negotiator from the united states? >> i met with him a couple times, ed and there's so many things wrong in this tpp beyond labor protections, even beyond environment protections. the big winners for this from the u.s. side are wall street and the fapharmaceutical compans because we're going to up-end the low price systems in new zealand and australia and force them to open our markets to our wall street speculators and those are our big wins. and japan will take some beef. meanwhile they get our manufacturing jobs and our high-value jobs and what are we left with wall street speculation and we get to export a little bit of beef to japan. not so good.
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the pharmaceutical companies get richer than they already are. >> mr. cohen, we've seen what's happened in the korean trade deal. what's the tpp going to look like and how many sectors of the economy do you think will be get hit? because there's so many countries that are involved in this deal as opposed to other trade deals we've done? >> not only are there 12 that are there now but others will join including the philippines where the philippines government is counting on 500,000 more call center jobs from the u.s. moving there. we'll see more trade deficits. and i think part of this and i congratulate the congressman as a key leader on all fronts. part of this is to get americans to realize trade deficits are real. they're more real than budget deficits because they represent the net effect of imports being greater than exports. and you can call that job loss being greater than job gain.
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but the other key thing here is the multinationals, u.s. based multinationals like "the gap" can sue vietnam if a future government raises the minimum wage and increases workers' rights and does something about the environmental destruction? secret tribunals whereas the labor language which ambassador furman wants us to say is an improvement, that's government-to-government. our government as a snail's pace trying to say to the vietnamese government what are you going to do to enforce these provisions? it takes years to get a sentence from them whereas the multinationals go over the top, not suing in court, not government-to-government, but secret tribunals where they get billions of dollars in reparations. >> i don't understand why republicans would sit by and there are some that are struggling with this but why they would sit by and not realize what they're doing to american families and just how
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big a deal and how encompassing this deal is? what about movementes in other countries. and there's a big movement here in america where workers are speaking up and rallying against it. what's happening larry in other countries right now? is there any pushback by other labor forces? >> last week, at a meeting of the world labor movement, every four years we organized a meeting on this what's called investors state, the corporate state, suing other countries. we had people there from 50 countries including australia. the australian stories are already horrendous. the phillip morris subsidiary in hong kong suing australia because they improved -- meaning they made cigarette labeling more dangerous, particularly to pregnant women. they are being sued now for hundreds of millions of dollars for doing that. the loss of profits to phillip morris. yes, around the world, i met with leaders concerns about the european trade deal. and what happens with provisions like investors state being in
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there. around the world, environmentalists and elected officials like the congressman, are rising up and saying -- we want 21st century trade. we've had it with with 20th century trade and certainly had it with boehner trade. that letter you referenced, three-quarters of the caucus is on the letter. the question is -- will this president essentially pass boehner trade using the republican votes to substitute for his own party? or can the parties say to the president -- stick with us as we have stayed with you on the rest of your agenda for five years, mr. president. >> and congressman, how do you think that's going to unfold? what mr. cohen just said? >> we're working it really hard, ed. i mate with him a few times and metd with the president with a group of democrats concerned about this and we're pushing back really, really hard. our leadership has stuck with us so far and harry reid took a strong stance in the senate. i'm worried about what would happen in a potential lame-duck session where clinton gets and a
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half to in the wto's so we got to watch out for that coming but we need to amp it up and we're building coalitions across the aisle. there's truly conservative republicans who are concerned about job loss in america and who are concerned about loss of sovereignty in these issues and concerned about giving their power to the president and a fast track deal as legislaturers. we think we might be able to pull some votes from the republican side along with a long majority of d.e.m.s. we almost beat nafta. we only they'd like four dozen republicans and we can kill these turkeys. >> all right. congressman peter defazio, and larry cohen, great to have you with us tonight. we'll keep the attention on the. it's hard to get the american people excited about trade deals but i think if they understand the dech vil in the details this is, they will -- devil in the details. they'll realize how mammoth this
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tooib time for trenders on social media. check us other at twitter at "the ed show." and check out, we got from a new pod cost and videos coming on monday. although it's all loaded up and ready to go. "the ed show" social media nation has decided and we're reporting here today's top trenders voted on by you. >> the number three trender, "stung." >> i don't even know that what means. >> i knew it! i knew it! i totally knew it. >> a spelling bee stars premature celebrations spells
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failure. >> c.abaragoya, close. >> close but no cigar. >> what? >> it's spelled k.a.b.a.r.o.g. -- >> the number two trender. expert opinion. >> to what degree do you think -- climate change is significantly affecting -- >> it's science. >> republicans use a new tactic to dodge climate change questions. >> i'm not a scientist. >> there was a mountain of research on the topic. >> i'm not qualified to debate the science of climate change. >> a survey of thousands of scientific papers found that 97% endorsed the position that humans are causing global warming. >> with deal with all these issues but i'm not a scientist. >> science! >> and today's top trender -- duck call! >> i'm not a political person. >> people are seeking your
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endorsement. bobby jindal loves you. sarah palin loves you. >> i goes the gop may be more desperate than i thought to cause somebody like me. >> my only hope -- >> phil robertson tells republican leaders to get godly. >> you want to turn a republican party around? get godly. gop -- you can't be right for america if you're wrong with god! >> we're up against evil. like i've u never seen before in my life. if the country does not turn to god at a fairly rapid clip, we're going to lose the united states of america. >> i'm joined tonight by political commentator and tv host and also with us, talk radio consultant and media consultant holland cook. gentlemen, great to have you with us tonight. i know both of you i clulding myself, all three of us at one time or another have been to a
2:22 pm
few conventions. holland, i think you live at conventions. and don't you go there looking for the next hot thing? or a piece of advice or some guidance? what in the world do they expect to gain from the star of "duck dynasty?" what do you think? >> i don't want to disparage phil robertson, ed. he put on the costume and went to the trouble but the thing is we want to give the gop some credit for having phil robertson there at the republican loordship conference. one month ago a republican friends cheered a rancher who thought blacks had it better under slavery. today they cheer a tv star who think blacks had it better under jim crow. that's real racial progress but phil talks you can't be right with america unless you're right with god. you can't be right with god if you're not right with hate. phil's a guy, need i remind you who said blacks had it better under segregation. consensual adult relationships are like beastality.
2:23 pm
and he says, marry 15-year-old girls while you're at it. and i hope to see phil at every major republican event for the next several months. >> i have to say, anybody who does any duck hunting at all knows that sean hannity has no clue on how to use a duck call. i got to throw that in there. holland, isn't it about time for the gop to call in a consultant and get it right? doesn't this make the rebranding effort a little bit difficult at this point? >> as a professional media consultant myself, my heart goes out to rice, who to his credit, after the debacle in 2012. commissioned what was a very spechbive, nationwide, perceptual literary research project and literally drew the roadmap to 2016, unfortunately, mr. duck dynasty and some of these other reverse snobs have
2:24 pm
employed the george constanza strategy which is, "do opposite." think about the math of what robertson is saying. if the key to the election is christian, there goes the jewish vote. >> right on. >> but one thing, holland. keep in mind he's talking about religion and christianity. they talk about christian values but they don't want the values of christ. he wasn't talking about taking care of the poor and being nonviolent. visiting those in prison. those are the values of christ as outlined in matthew. he's scolding them about gay people and saying one man, one woman for life. when you're in a roomful of republicans a lot of guys are on their second or third one-woman -- >> yiert. they talk the talk as opposed to walking the walk but here we are talking about them. they attract attention. if you pull back and take the wide angle shot, this guy is just the latest in a trend of reverse snobbery.
2:25 pm
sarah palin, congresswoman michele bachmann. how about joe the plumber saying those despicable things this week? this seems to be all about attracting a tension and these guys do raise money. >> i wish i could bring william f. buckley back. >> he's spinning in his grave. >> so where is the rebranding effort at this point? both you gentlemen have cited some kpet lent examples. where are we with the gop? >> it seems like it's d.o.a. >> they don't need rebranding. democrats are polishing their hillary clinton bumper stickers and i don't know what the d.e.m.s are doing to get the vote out in 2014. but the republicans appear to have a different convention every other week. didn't we just wrap up see pac? these guys have constant conventions. >> this 2014 thing is a real issue, real issue. >> indeed. so what do they do? who? the democrats? >> ax lootly. >> if i was in the democratsic party right now i would be
2:26 pm
taking a page out of the tear party's playbook and i would be having these useless theatrical, highly-influential failed votes. i would be voting in the senate and house every week to raise the minimum wage as the republicans saw their glatd updaters going every time. it was good theater but real theater creates jobs. the democrats should be going up there and having these doomed to fail votes background checks and minimum wage every week to remind the folks who they're fighting for. >> as l.b.j. said, make the sob's deny it. >> great hearing we need more -- >> great to have both you gentlemen with us tonight. thanks so much. >> peace. >> absolutely. coming up, scott walker ready to cut a deal ending the investigation into his dark money donors. rapid response panel joins me on that. later, congressman elijah cummings wears on eric shinseki 's resignation. next, i take your questions,
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tonight we love hearing from our viewers and we appreciate all the questions. tonight in our "ask ed live" segment twitter user celtic me. why do you -- whu.republicans feel that denying climate change is a winning strategy? >> well, first of all, i don't think they care about strategy. i think they only care about who's lining their pockets when it comes to campaign donations and the people that certainly have the most to lose, if we were to do something about climate change would be the corporations, oil, you know? coal, those industries. no question about it. now, it's very interesting, the strategy that's developing amongst the republicans. they are now telling us that they're not scientists. every time that they're asked about the clamtd change they say, i'm not a scientist but
2:31 pm
they don't quote any scientists that agree with them because they're in short order, not too many. so, for them to be stupid and offer up alibis, is there strategy at this point and to make sure that nothing gets done on climate change, that's where they are. so they're looking for almost forgiveness. don't ask me that question i'm not a scientist. yet, they don't quote anybody that their camp that can refute the facts that are out there by the latest report of the national climate estimate. our they question from lee. do you think that the tpp is dead? no. i do not think it's dead. we're a long way from that. but i think we're making progress and making sure people in this country understand how wide sweeping and how damaging it would be to our economy. so i think we're making progress. it's a long way from dead. we got a lot of work to do. stick around. rapid response panel coming up next. right back for "the ed show."
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welcome back. here we go. wisconsin governor scott walker is back at it trying to take the heat off an investigate into his campaign contributors. the "wall street journal" reported that walker is ready to cut a deal to end a john do investigation. the secret investigation began with raids and subpoenas in october of 2013. prosecutors were looking into allegations of illegal coordination between walker's campaign and the conservative groups like the wisconsin club for growth and americans for prosperity. we've reached out to scott walker eats representatives for comment but haven't gotten a response. gosh, that's very strange, isn't it? progress magazine reports that americans for prosperity recently spent nearly $900,000 on tv ads to boost walker's re-election campaign. >> how do we build a better
2:37 pm
wisconsin? it starts with strong leadership. >> budget reform requires bold leadership and it's working. >> as our economy grows stronger wisconsin's getting back to work, too. >> learn more. at its working >> the new ad started airing just days after polls showed that walkers were tied with his democratic challenger mary burke. federal draristrict judge rudol rwanda halted the investigation and now he's under fire and the center for media says the judge has regularly attended all-expenses paid junkettes funded by the koch foundation and the lin and harry bradley foundation and other ideological and corporate interests. oh, that's interesting in wisconsin to this day, isn't it? joining me tonight on our rapid response panel, the editor and chief of "progressive" magazine
2:38 pm
and wisconsin state senator. great to have you both here. ruth, you first. what's going on? walker is trying to rid himself, get this, out of the way. what does it mean that he's trying to settle? >> well quarterback as you know and you've reported. scott walker has a lot to hide. there's a lot of embarrassing e-mail that came out in the last investigation and he has plenty of reason to make this investigation go away. what's really fascinating is to see the "wall street journal" come out with really for the "wall street journal", the most outrageous, editorial, perhaps, that they've ever published basically threatening walker not to reach a seem. don't forget they almost threatened him. they said, don't forget who's backing you. they don't want walker to undermine their claim that this whole thing is made up. it's groundless. though don't want the funders and they're saying on the side of the funders who have given walker money to have any exposure here so they're willing
2:39 pm
to turn on scott walker and their funders which is pretty fascinating and the judge as you said in the case, is a koch frequent flyer to these catch-funded affairs. the center for media democracy which is this incredible outfit has uncovered a lot of information on the koch brothers and uncovered this guy is the only federal judge in wisconsin that goes on the junkettes. should have recused himself. his decision which the "wall street journal" applauds and tries to up hold, is clearly self-dealing. >> senator, what do you make of this? how tight is the political tight rope scott walker is walking right now? >> there's a couple of things at play. first of all we're trying to figure out who exactly is suing who. we know there's a lot of lawsuits flying around right now. as a matter of fact, club for growth decided to sue the government accountability board. the campaign watchdog here in the state of wisconsin, they did that this afternoon. they filed suit because walk
2:40 pm
ashaw county is a very conservative county. governor walker it strikes me, is very, very odd. you don't look to negotiate a settlement in a john doe investigation that you may or may not be involved in unless there's evidence that suggests you better settle before the prosecutors move ahead so i'm scratching my head over that one but ruth brought up the point in the editorial, it's a shot from the money people to governor walker. you better figure out whose side you're on. represent your own interest and settle which i tend to think the governor would do or you stick to the so-called principals that the governor has when it comes to what he's running his campaign on. either way governor walk isser in an extremely tight race. the poll that came out last we'll week had a 48/48 tie. and in today's cook report switched it from leaning republican to a toss-up which is huge news here in the state of wisconsin. >> and really great news for
2:41 pm
mayor mary burke. >> wouldn't this be an admission of guilt and wouldn't it make it that much harder for him to get re-elected? >> i would tend to thu whether i a speeding ticket or a john doe investigation. if you cut a deal with a prosecutor you have to be admitting to some guilt even though you can say look, i was never found guilty. the fact that you were going to settle or talk about settling, i have to tell you at least what kind of evidence the prosecutor might have right now on behalf of the john doe investigations going on so i would tend to think the gov is in a tight race with mary burke. he wants it behind him and the only way to do it is settle with the prosecutors and in the meantime he's taking his big money bud buddies and throwing them under the bus. so he's walking a tight rope and making sure he has enough money to mount a credible campaign here in the state of wisconsin. >> ruth, this, of course, is certainly going to get in the way of the governor has any
2:42 pm
thoughts at all of being a national candidate. he's got to get this offer the headlines and out of the conversation fast, doesn't he? >> yeah. i mean, if the governor wants to use this race as a steppingstone to the presidency he needs to win this race and he's not in a position to where he's neck-in-neck and it's not where he wanted to be and he needs to try to take care of these problems. i would say, walker has not risen above this barely coming close to 50% level. people know him real hill well. mary burke is just begaining to gain traction. so it is very concerning for him and very concerning for all these big-money donors as the senator mentioned, who now the club for growth is going after the government accountability board saying, don't spend public money to investigate the possibly illegal private money we're pouring into these elections. it's outrageous. the case is outrageous that they should be able to spend as much as they want, violate the state law and get a judge to come in and enroll for them and express
2:43 pm
evidence? the judge told the prosecutors to destroy evidence in this case. so the arguments look worse and worse. and it looks worse and worse for walker and now they're mad at him for potentially settling and undermining their case that it's part of a witch hunt. >> john, can mary burke win this race? >> absolutely she can win the race. she's been all over the state of wisconsin. she hadn't somed since the day she was announced. cook is repped not only in washington, d.c. but those that noel in politics. absolutely, mary burke can win. >> all right. ruth and state senator, great to have you both was tonight. coming up, congressman elijah cummings joins us with new information on the benghazi hearings. stay tuned. right back on "the ed show" on msnbc. making new york state number two in the nation in new private sector job creation... with 10 regional development strategies to fit your business needs. and now it's even better because they've introduced startup new york...
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repressed memory. bly tale bloomberg. new york city's former mayor, railed against conservative censorship at harvard's graduation welcome mayor bloomberg says the right wing is getting the mccarthy treatment? >> in the 1950 js, the right wing was attempting to repress the left wing ideas. today, on many college campuses it's liberals trying to repress the conservative ideas even as conservative faculty americas are at risk of becoming an endangered species according to federal election commission data 96% of all campaign contributions from ivy league faculty and employees went to barack obama. 96%. there was more disagreement among the old paul -- than it was among ivy league donors. >> i'm curious, just how many college campuses have you been on, mr. bloomberg, as of late? i think he got it all wrong. universities don't want to stamp
2:49 pm
out ideas. that's right. universities want ideas to progress. in the 2012 election liberals looked for a way to make america look better for everyone. conservatives looked to reagan. bloomberg endorsed president obama during the election he needs to remember why. if michael bloomberg thinks we'll believe conservatives are the victims he can keep on pretending. i don't just make things for a living i take pride in them. so when my moderate to severe chronic plaque psoriasis was also on display, i'd had it.
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show." thanks for staying with us tonight. two big stories. eric shinseki resigned earlier today. and also, hillary clinton's new book is drawing a lot of words from folks around the country. hard choices is offering a fresh look at benghazi in her own words. joining us tonight, our guest is congressman elijah cummings of maryland. he's the lead democrat on the new benghazi select committee and ranking member of the government oversight committee. congressman, good to have you with us. >> good to be with you, ed. >> you bet. let's start with benghazi. i want to clear up the situation with secretary of state john kerry, and get your understanding about whether secretary of state kerry is going to testify in front of the select committee or not. what is your understanding of that? >> he may very well be testifying before this select committee. just today, within the last few hours, chairman issa, who had
2:54 pm
issued a subpoena for secretary to testify, as a matter of fact, he issued two subpoenas for him to testify, today said that he will not have the secretary testify. that is secretary kerry, testify before the government oversight committee. so kerry had been saying if he was going to testify before issa's committee, that is the oversight committee, he was probably not going to testify before the select committee. now i think that's wide open. again, this was issa trying to inject himself into a process where boehner and others, speaker boehner had pulled him out of it because they felt he was not conducting a responsible investigation into benghazi. >> congressman, for this committee to function, do you think that it's important for the secretary of state to testify to this select committee? >> i'm not sure. let me tell you why.
2:55 pm
because secretary kerry wasn't around when benghazi took place. as a matter of fact, he was in the senate. i don't know what they're trying to get at. and a lot of this is all about politics, as you well know, ed. this is about trying to embarrass folks. it's about getting secretary hillary clinton before the select committee so they can ask her the same questions that have already been asked of her before two committees, one in the house and one in the senate, back in january 2013. so, again, this is a set-up to, i think, put a block with regard to hillary clinton, as she possibly makes her decision to run for president. >> congressman, how important is it for hillary clinton, now that she has written about it in her book, to somewhat clear the air, and 34 pages on the subject, to be clearly on the record. what about that?
2:56 pm
your thoughts on that. >> i think it's important. i have not read the book, i read the excerpts, but i think it's important that she do that. and i don't think she -- clearly, she doesn't want to hide from everybody. she's put it out there, exactly what happened. i think the republicans will do, still, ed, everything they can to get her before the cameras, either just before she possibly makes an announcement or somewhere thereafter. >> do you think this brings more clarity to it? do you think this is an important step? >> what i know about it, i think it does in fact bring more clarity, and she, again, has taken responsibility, but she also shows how that process took place, and you know, it's very unfortunate that as she said, that we are politicizing this, the four deaths the way we are.
2:57 pm
that is with the republicans having fund-raisers with regard to the four deaths of our brave americans who died. i mean, it really is appalling. and even -- >> yeah. >> -- the families have told us they do not want this to be used as some type of political football. >> okay. now, the benghazi chapter seems to, i think, offer the democrats a pretty good guideline on how to respond to any criticism over her handling of benghazi. is this a good strategic move, looking forward to 2016, if she's going to run? >> it is probably is, ed, but i can tell you, i'm not going to, myself, as a ranking member, i'm not going to use any giend of guidelines except to seek the truth, and to defend the truth. whatever it might be, but i think anything that she pretends to us, which is her take on what
2:58 pm
happened, i think is always helpful. >> okay. congressman, big news today. general shinseki has resigned as chief of the v.a. do you think it was inevitable that the general resign under the circumstances? >> i don't know all the circumstances surrounding it, but everything i could see, ed, i think it was the right decision. he made a decision based upon, as i understand it, what was best for the v.a. and that's what i expected of him. he has a lot of respect from many of us on the hill. he served the country well, but each day we're seeing more information trickle out, and we've got two major issues here with regard to the v.a. a question of capacity and management. as you probably know, secretary shinseki has already said he's had people under him not necessarily always being truthful with him, which is very, very significant. and then, of course, with regard
2:59 pm
to capacity, we -- obviously, we need more doctors, we probably need more medical staff and personnel to epius through this. hopefully, this will give us an opportunity to look at this, evaluate it, and do better. the veterans deserve that. >> so congressman, is the v.a. underfunded? does it need more money? or is putting more money to the v.a. really a big part of the solution? >> i think it probably is, but we've got to look and make sure we're using the money they have effectively and efficiently. clearly, if there's a shortage of medical personnel, it's going to cost more money to bring personnel on and it's probably going to cost more money to bring more management personnel on. all these people being so critical in the congress, they need to be ready to spend the necessary funds to take care of our veterans, period. >> congressman elijah cummings,
3:00 pm
great to have you with us on "the ed show." thank you so much. that's "the ed show." i'm ed schultz. "politics nation" with reverend al sharpton starts right now. >> and thanks to you for tuning in tonight's lead, the gop's desperate search for a leader, any leader. right now, the annual republican leadership conference is in full swing in new orleans. and for a party vowing to rebrand and become more welcoming, here's who's giving leadership advice. yes, donald trump is the big headliner today. that's some change you can believe in. because when you are looking to open the tent, you definitely look to a reality show star. >> is more lies b


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